Horacio Parent, Ryszard Myczyn´ski , Armin Scherzinger and Günter Schweigert
The new genus Cieneguiticeras, assigned to the family Oppeliidae, is described on the basis of Andean lower-middle Tithonian ammonites from Arroyo Cieneguita, west-central part of the Neuquén-Mendoza Basin, Argentina. The macroconchs are closely homoeomorphic with Neochetoceras Spath and the microconchs have a ‘glochiceratid’-type morphology. The stratigraphic range of Cieneguiticeras nov. gen. includes the lower and middle Tithonian by means of a succession of two or three species which are interpreted as members of a phyletic lineage. Ammonites from the Tithonian of Cuba, Mexico and France are more or less confidently included in this new genus.

 Parent, H., Myczyn´ski, R., Scherzinger, A. and Schweigert, G. 2010. Cieneguiticeras, a new genus of Tithonian oppeliids (Ammonoidea, Late Jurassic). Geobios 43 (2010) 453463.

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